TSG Basic Set - Large only - 5 available

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The TSG Basic Set is perfect start out kit for Jr derby.
Comes with Knee, Elbow and Wrist guards.

Knee/elbow pads: Sleek Pre-Shaped design
Shock absorbing EVA padding
Fixed knee/elbow cap
Top roundabout and bottom back velcro straps
Pull-over design.
Wristguards: Removable wrist and palm splint
Artificial leather palm pad
3 adjustable velcro straps


Elbow Top Circum. 27-30 cm / 10.5-11.75"
Elbow Bottom Circum. 27-30 cm / 10.5-11.75"
Knee Top Circum. 40-47 cm / 15.75-18.5"
Knee Bottom Circum. 35-39 cm / 13.75-15.25"
Knuckle Circum. 21.5-24.5 cm/ 8.25-9.75"
Glove Size 9-10