Triple Eight JR Roller Derby 3-Pack

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Triple Eight JR Roller Derby 3-Pack is a convenient set that includes wristsaver wrist guards and knee & elbow pads, all ergonomically designed to provide quality protection for young derby athletes.

Knee Pads & Elbow Pads feature impact-resistant caps, Lycra® sleeves to comfortably and securely keep the pads in place and durable, double Velcro straps for easy adjustment and a custom fit

Wristsaver wrist guards featuring the Slide-On Design with tough, 4-way stretch nylon mesh for a snug fit and high-density, impact-resistant molded ABS splints on front and back for support and protection

  • Wrist guard - JR 6.0 – 7.0 in
  • Knee and Elbow - One size fits all
Please note these pads are for SMALL KIDS

JR-Derby-3-Pack 3