Sisu 1.6 Kids Mouth Guard

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SISU Junior is our youth mouthguard designed specifically for kids ages 7-10.

Quick, custom fit and improved protection.

The SISU™ 1.6 Mouth Guard, made from a high tech material, brings you everything you ever wanted in a mouth guard.

Remarkably, SISU 1.6 guards provide 30% better protection than conventional mouth guards, despite being only a sleek 1.6mm thick.

The thinner SISU™ 1.6 Mouth Guards fit much more snugly to your teeth, enabling you to easily breathe, talk and drink. In fact, they're so comfortable, you might even forget you're wearing one! Made in the USA. BPA and Phthalate free.

Four reasons to choose the SISU™ mouth guard. •Less transfer of impact forces to teeth •More absorption of impact forces by the material •Less deformation of the material •Higher tensile strength (tougher material)

A recent independent study from Adrian College, Michigan shows that SISU™ (previously Protech Dent™) rates higher than its competitors with regards to athletes ability to breathe, talk, drink. SISU users also reported less gagging and better fit, even though more than half of the athletes had expensive dentist made mouth guards.

A recent study shows SISU mouth guards prevent germ transfer

In addition, the following SISU advantages were noted: •Non-compressible – minimal deform •Distributes forces over larger area •30% better protection •Ultra thin (1.6mm) – comfortable •Players can easily drink and talk •Custom fit in minutes •Superior hygiene – players keep guards in, resulting in no bacterial transfer from hands to guard

Please check our videos that will help with molding.

Sisu mouthguards come with a warranty - register your mouth guard


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