Reckless Morph Roller Derby Wheel - 4 pack

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Reckless Morph wheels feature a tested and proved dual "stacked" urethane that delivers maximum speed, precise grip, and reliable stability that will meet the high demands of derby players.

This innovative process allows the fusion of a performance speed compound for fast roll, with a softer compound at the edge of the wheel allowing for better edge control.

The "stacked" technology gives you the best of both worlds without the hassle of constantly changing wheels. 

The structural integrity of the link core improves skating speed and response — an essential element in today’s derby and roller sports.

By merging all the elements, the new morph is the most innovative and dynamically technical wheel in derby today.

Better traction on straight-aways, reduces slippage on corners, while still allowing for controlled slide in plow stops.

Color & Hardness (Durometer):  

Green Core: Orange 88a / Pink 84a

Pink Core: Yellow 91a / Orange 88a

Purple Core: Blue 93a / Orange 88a

Blue Core: Dark Yellow 95a / Yellow 91a

Yellow Core: Green 97a / Blue 93a

$70 for 4 wheels - $140 for 2 packs (2 skates)