eZeefit Full Foot Booties

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eZeefit Full Foot Booties (black only)

Uses proprietary double-layer Lycra. This version is not breathable. Originally designed for the crew (rowing) industry to prevent blisters on toes, but now used by skiers, snow sports enthusiasts, and hunters for an ultra-thin added layer of warmth. Testers report that these add about 15 degrees of warmth!

Why are they better than socks?

Available in our exclusive Ultrathin custom Lycra® with memory core in black with red interior.

The Ultrathin fabric is similar to neoprene but super thin and supple, never loses its shape and dries quickly.

Just like the Ultrathin Ankle Bootie but taller and with full foot coverage. Flat-lock stitching keeps seams smooth and comfortable. 

Great for wet sports, winter sports and chilly weather. Their unique insulating properties may be too warm for some sports. 
(Our original ankle booties are best for most warm weather sports).


Small fits Women's 6-8 Men's 5-7

Medium fits Women's 9-10 Men's 8-9 

Large fits Women's 11-12 Men's 10-11