Deadbolt Grand Slam Knee Pads

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Deadbolt Grand Slam Knee Pads

Deadbolt Grand Slam Knee Pads

Designed for derby from the ground up providing incredible protection.

Removable cover for washing,

Customizable clear caps,

Shorter elastic straps to anticipate stretching

Super soft memory foam interior padding that acts like a built in knee gasket!

  • Handmade in the US, durable and lightweight.
  • Removable foam and caps for easy washing.
  • Non-marring interchangeable clear caps.
  • Industrial grade cordora.
  • High grade elastic.
  • High density, dual foam and interior memory foam for protection that is streamlined and comfortable to wear. 
  • Non-pilling, low abrasive velcro.
  • Replaceable Caps
  • Butterfly Closure and straps are designed short to anticipate stretching.