Crazy Skates BIG BLOC PRO

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Crazy Skates new Big Bloc Pro stops! The Big bloc PRO is longer lasting than the original Big Bloc!

The red is super dense material giving extra traction for running, pushing, stopping on game day, tournaments and competitions.

Big Bloc PRO Toe Stop Features:

  • World Famous for Performance, Stability and Longevity
  • Non Marking, Long Lasting Natural Rubber Compound
  • Great Grip on Slippery Surfaces
  • Large Flat Bottom, for Fast Stopping and Ultimate Stability
  • Perfectly Suited to the Modern Roller Derby Game
  • Recognized as the Longest Lasting Toe Stop in the Industry
  • Standard US Threads - fits most plates!
  • 57mm surface area
  • 28mm stem length (aka "standard" or "long")
  • Sold in pairs

toestopbigblocpro-bgfskates.png  toestopbigblocpro-bottom-bgfskates.png